John Doe

The slot machine John Doe from Stake Logic, has a game in wich a detective is the important person. He resides in a city with many criminals and lots of beautiful women. The video slot John Doe has a total of 40 paylines, nudge features, a bonus game and exciting bonus features. This casino slot has high payouts, perhaps this is a reason to try this slot once for free online.

So a wild symbol nudge can be automatically awarded after every spin of the reels. A WILD SYMBOL NUDGE moves 1 reel down 1 position, if it will result in adding another WILD symbol to the reels. If a WILD SYMBOL NUDGE results in a winning combination on the reels, additional WILD SYMBOL NUDGES will be awarded up to a maximum of 3 total WILD SYMBOL NUDGES per spin. WILD SYMBOL NUDGES are awarded automatically starting on reel 2.